The problem

Do you have a shop? Are you emerging brand? You will know that in recent years gain visibility and selling your products is harder in a market full of competition. Customers are looking for more innovative experiences and unique products. Moreover, many of them still prefer buying products in stores because touching, smelling and seeing them are irreplaceable things.

Our service

This is the reason why was born, a platform where artisans, new brands and anyone who creates their own products can find space inside an existing store (or create a new and temporary one) where they can showcase and sell their goods. Bring your creations wherever you want and show your products to your followers!

From online to offline

Selling exclusively online has no doubt its advantages, but what should you do when your customers want to touch your products? We at aTemporaryShop believe that there are more and more creative people competing online in the world, so offline is a good alternative. Show your products to your most skeptical customers, reach exotic locations during the season, let everyone admire your creations and then they will reach you wherever you are.

To the space owner

Have you ever thought of gaining extra money from your empty space? From now you can. Allow thousands of creatives and brands to sell and display their goods in your space. Bring novelties among your shelves showcasing unique products from all over the world and discover all the advantages that aTemporaryShop can give you. What are you waiting for? Register today.

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